Profile of Kitakami

City history and overview

The city of Kitakami is located in central Iwate, in the middle of the Kitakami valley. It is blessed with a rich natural environment, where the Kitakami and Waga Rivers meet, opening into a beautiful, fertile rural area with the Ou Mountains to the west and the Kitakami Mountains stretching out to the east.

Kitakami has long functioned as a lively hub for transportation and the traffic of goods. As the crossroads of northern Tohoku, Kitakami further improves the convenience of transportation, being host to a traffic network that includes the Tohoku Shinkansen Line, the Tohoku Expressway, and the Tohoku Odan Akita Expressway.

Kitakami leads the prefecture in the number of manufacturing companies, the amount of manufactured goods shipped, and the amount of agricultural goods produced, attracting attention as a vigorous city with an excellent balance between agriculture and manufacturing.

City Symbol

Imgage:City SymbolThe symbol was designed to show a vibrant expression of the character “kita” in the name of Kitakami. It embraces our wish for the growth of Kitakami, surrounded by water and greenery.

City Flower “White Lily”

Photograph:White LilyThe white lily symbolizes the growth of our city with its clean beauty and strong life force. It is also mentioned in the poem “Kitakami Nocturne” and is ideal for the image of Kitami.

City Bird “Gray Wagtail”

Photograph:Gray WagtailThis beneficial bird loves pure flowing water. We wish to protect the natural environment so that these birds will be able to inhabit this area forever.

City Tree “Cherry Tree”

Photograph:Cherry TreeOrnamental cherry trees can be seen throughout the city and they are the most familiar tree to local residents. In the spring, the roughly 10,000 cherry trees that bloom in Kitakami Tenshochi Park are a symbol of Kitakami.

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