Profile of Kitakami


Located in the center of the vast Kitakami Plains, Kitakami is engaged in the production of various foodstuffs, including rice, vegetables, and cattle, and plays an important role as a base of production in Iwate, which takes pride in its position as a base for general food production. Additionally, Kitakami works in unison with Iwate’s biotechnology research and agricultural research centers, introducing biotechnology and advancing research in environmentally safe agriculture, developing agriculture with advanced technology.

Kitakami was one of the first cities in Iwate to create an industrial park and invite businesses from outside. As a result, Kitakami is developing as a city with an industrial accumulation that is now the highest in the prefecture with companies operating in a wide variety of fields including semiconductors, automobiles, machinery, pulp, food products, and pharmaceuticals.


The volume of agricultural production in Kitakami is among the highest in Iwate, engaging in efficient agricultural methods that match the conditions of the region. Futago Satoimo, green asparagus, apples, and soybeans are some of the local specialties. Among these, Kitakami provides more Futago Satoimo and green asparagus than anywhere else in the prefecture. The Futago Satoimo are used in a new local specialty called the Kitakami Croquette that is attracting attention. “Kitakami Gyu” brand name beef is the result of the enthusiasm of cattle farmers and advanced fattening technology. With the added blessing of the natural environment, it is expanding in sales as beef of the highest quality in Japan.


Through proactive efforts to invite companies, Kitakami has become a prominent industrial center in Tohoku, with some of the highest numbers in the prefecture for manufactured products shipped, added value products, and number of employees.

Based on the new “Kitakami Industrial Promotion Plan” in fiscal 2011, we have worked to invite various businesses, help small and medium sized companies improve their technology levels and enter into new fields, and developed personnel talented in manufacturing all the way from children to working adults in cooperation with related organizations.

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