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Introducing Kitakami’s Sister and Friendship Cities.

Concord(California, United States)

Concord Concord is a commercial city in the bay area with a population of 122,000. A native of Kitakami living in Tokyo became acquainted with the mayor of Concord and the president of a television station there. As a result of this and numerous similarities in culture and environment, Kitakami and Concord became sister cities in 1974. Since then there has been a fruitful exchange of industrial observation groups and exchange students. Additionally, a dancer from Kitakami performed the local well-known traditional performance art called “Onikenbai” in Concord, and we are actively engaged in many other friendship and goodwill activities.

Shibatamachi (Shibatagun, Miyagi)

Shibatachi(Shibatagun.Miyagi)Shibatamachi was a castle town in the feudal era. With a population of 38,500, it is the largest “town” in Tohoku. Recently it has been developing as a satellite city of Sendai. The modernization of the town is proceeding and an industrial park has been established. The connection to Kitakami is historical, coming from the tragic general Harada Kai (a central figure in the Date Disturbance of 1671), whose vassal lived in the Kuchinaicho neighborhood of Kitakami. Shibatamachi became a sister city in 1980.

Sanmenxia (Henan, China)

Sanmenxia (Henan, China)In 1978, after the founding of the Kitakami Japan-China Friendship Association, a group was sent to visit. Also, an important figure from Henan, China was invited to Kitakami, and as a result of that and other continuing exchange activities, Sanmenxia and Kitakami became friendship cities in 1985. Sanmenxia has a population of 2,240,000. It is a large city with developed industry and agriculture. In particular, we welcome apple cultivating trainees and actively organize personal exchanges of reciprocal visits between youth sports groups.

Ishigaki (Okinawa)

Ishigaki (Okinawa)Ishigaki’s main industries are tourism and agriculture. It is surrounded by a beautiful coral reef and is Japan’s southernmost city. The population is 48,000. Since the opening of the new Ishigaki airport in 2013, numerous tourists are visiting. During the severe cold weather of 1993, Ishigaki provided support with seed rice. This opportunity led to an “exchange bridge” between the cities, and an exchange of athletes began to take place between the Ishigaki island marathon and the Kitakami Marathon. In January of 2014 we became friendship cities, and are looking forward to the development of various exchanges between our cities.

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