Kitakami Croquette

This new product from Kitakami is made using “Futago Satoimo”, “Japanese Black Beef” (beef from Black-Haired Japanese cattle), “Shirayuri Pork”, and asparagus.


 Kitakami Beef

This top-class brand of beef is raised in an ideal natural environment and receives rave reviews.  The quality of the meat is at the top level nationwide.


Green Asparagus

Raised in the rich soil of Kitakami, Iwate, this asparagus has a condensed mild umami flavor.  It’s so soft that you can eat it down to the base without cutting the ends.  The sweetness and flavor are outstanding!


北上の名産 チーズケーキ


Baked locally with non-processed cheese, it is unique for its smoothness and tartness.


Onikembai Masks

Onikembai is a traditional folk entertainment from Kitakami where the dancers purify evil through acting as gods and Buddhas.
These paulownia wood masks create a very strong impression, and in addition to their use in the actual dance, they are popular as souvenirs and protective charms.

北上の名産 桜染め

Sakura Dyeing

These hand-dyed items are made with plant dye made primarily from local cherry blossoms from Kitakami.  Handkerchiefs, ties, kimonos, and other items are available.

北上の名産 桑茶

Kuwa Cha (Mulberry Tea)
This tea in naturally sweet, and caffeine-free.